INDUSTRY INSIDER | April 11, 2024

New Holland Construction Expands Compact Wheel Loader Lineup With Three New Models

Original Source:FocusOn Mining Aggregates & Construction

The New Holland Construction compact wheel loader (CWL) portfolio is growing.

Three new, advanced C series models – the W60C, W70C and W80C LR – lead the 2024 expansion of the CWL lineup. These models have been engineered to elevate efficiency, productivity and comfort for operators and owners, regardless of the job site or task.

“The development of these advanced CWL models was driven by our goal to enhance the operator and owner experience and the need to put more options with more versatility in their hands,” states Dan Kakareka, product manager for New Holland Construction North America. “What’s also evident with the three new models is how they provide exceptional stability, enabling operators to handle larger loads with ease, maneuver confidently in challenging conditions and enjoy smoother travel, even on rough terrain.”

Next Gen of Compact Wheel Loaders

With three new models joining the New Holland Construction CWL portfolio, each model delivers a distinct need for the market.

The W60C shares the same robust frame as the W50C but with enhanced horsepower to elevate output. Notable upgrades to horsepower and the Z-Bar boom design tailor the W60C for applications such as landscaping, material handling, snow removal and more.

Customers can expect the W70C to tackle the same jobs as the W60C but with more horsepower, speed and performance. With a lighter operating weight of 12,000 pounds and 74 horsepower, this model is ideal for a wide range of tasks and a variety of markets, including light construction, landscaping, contracting and municipalities.

Designed for the agricultural market, the W80C LR model is a high-speed option that employs a lift capacity of 10,600 pounds and an operating weight of 13,000 pounds. The W80C LR is optimized for tasks like loading feed into total mixed ration mixers or stacking bales in barns.

Elevating the Operator Experience

Operator comfort, safety and experience are paramount to maintaining productivity. The W60C, W70C and W80C LR offer new features geared toward improved comfort and ease of operation. Updates like a new spacious ROPS/FOPS-certified cab with advanced climate control options and a fully sealed, pressurized cab to minimize noise and keep out dust help create a conducive work environment for the operator.

Technology advancements are another area where owners and operators will see significant changes as they relate to the operating experience and efficiency of these CWLs. New Holland FleetForce Telematics comes as a factory-fit addition on all the new models with a free five-year subscription. This allows fleet owners to make better use of their machine data and gain valuable insights into machine performance, fuel efficiency and ROI. FleetForce Telematics also helps owners make positive changes to their fleet management and how their crews work, as well as enhances the complete value of the equipment in the long term.

Other key technological features include:

  • Automated Boom Control: Allows operator to set return to dig, return to travel and height control from within the cab, reducing operator fatigue during repetitive loading operations.
  • Creep Functionality: Simplifies the use of creep mode, ideal for operations requiring low vehicle speeds and high hydraulic power, such as operating a snowblower.
  • Cruise Control: Enables setting a speed for long-distance travel and adjusting speeds on the joystick for added convenience.
  • New Smart Mode: Enhances fuel efficiency and reduces road noise during machine travel and operation.
  • Auto Ride Control Option: Ensures a comfortable ride on uneven, rough ground when moving material from stockpiles to trucks or around job sites, minimizing load spillage and wear and tear.
  • Screen and Panel: Incorporates a new 7-inch monitor and a multifunctional panel to streamline the operation of both new and existing features for improved ease of use.

Less Shop Time, Less Downtime, More Go Time

Durability and driving down maintenance requirements to keep machines running longer are key focuses of the growing New Holland Construction portfolio. These attributes are exemplified by the three new CWLs, which are powered by a 4-cylinder, 3.4L FPT Industrial F5H engine, meeting Tier IV final emission standards. The engine includes CEGR and DOC that help minimize maintenance and cost for operators and owners, allowing them to focus more on the work ahead instead of being parked in the shop. With these new models, New Holland Construction has eliminated the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which significantly reduces the required downtime associated with regeneration and costly filter replacements.

Greater Versatility Leads to More On-Site Efficiency

Machine use flexibility is an essential element of New Holland Construction CWLs. The three new models deliver on this promise, from the attachments to the nimbleness of the machines.

The exterior design of all three models is built to make the machines compatible with more than 250 attachments, including buckets, brooms, snow blowers, bale grabbers, skid steer and CTL attachments. This ensures unmatched versatility for the new models. High-flow attachments are also available for the W70C and W80C LR models, further enhancing efficiency and productivity on the job site.

A redesigned Z-Bar Monolift cylinder is featured on the new CWLs. Enhancing operator safety and visibility to the attachment, it also provides maximum breakout force, digging and lifting power. This feature is ideal for high-production load-and-carry applications, such as moving and setting drainage tile or stacking landscape timbers. Task versatility like this makes the new CWLs go-to machines for various job sites.

For added measure, the W70C and W80C LR are high-speed options capable of reaching 25 mph. This is useful for those operators traveling between job sites and reduces the need for additional transportation from site to site.

The new W60C, W70C and W80C LR models are available now for order through North America New Holland Construction dealerships. For more information, visit contact your local New Holland Construction dealer.