INDUSTRY INSIDER | April 11, 2024

Disgruntled Ex-Employee Leads Police On Slow-Speed Chase With Bulldozer – Video


The incident started when Gwinnett police showed up to a waste management location on Corley Road in unincorporated Norcross on Saturday. That’s where they say they found an ex-employee joy-riding the 75,000-pound front-loader that he stole.

Police tried to stop 38-year-old Eddie Sanchez, but he ended up leading them on a five-mile chase. The chase ended with an employee in another tractor took advice from police and pushed the stolen tractor, causing it to flip.

“It looked like another guy was chasing him and flipped him over,” Idrogo said. “We know he’s gonna have a better story than us.”

Police arrested Sanchez and learned that he was fired last September. Employees told police the tractors can top about 30 mph. Police said Sanchez had been to his old job last week and did something similar, but never left the property.

It’s unclear what charges Sanchez is facing. He remains in jail.

Click HERE to watch video of this bizarre incident.