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WerkMaster manufactures the revolutionary WerkMaster™ floor refinishing machines that meet or exceed the demanding needs of the concrete, terrazzo, stone, hardwood flooring and building maintenance industries. Why is the WerkMaster™ so unique?

First, all models are designed to grind, sand, buff or polish to within 1/8″ of any wall, plus being able to work under counter tops right back to the kick plate, virtually eliminating hand edging. WerkMaster’s deliver a finish that you cannot get from today’s concrete/stone planetary grinders and hardwood belt/drum sanders. WerkMaster’s can also polish concrete counter tops and give new decorative design capabilities to tilt-up wall construction.

Second, they are the most aggressive machines in the market, their Rate of Removal will compete with the best, delivering immediate Return on Investment.

Third, they are THE ONLY MACHINE IN THE WORLD that have an optional RANDOM ORBITAL SANDING/POLISHING FEATURE! All models can grind, sand, buff or polish any hard surface!

Fourth, all models when attached to industrial quality vacuum systems are Dust Free.

Finally, and most importantly, all models employ WerkMaster’s Patent Pending Octi-Disc Technology. This revolutionary design allows the machines to actually flatten the floor surface, producing exceptional results that exceed what any concrete/stone planetary grinder or hardwood belt or drum sander can deliver.