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When our family owned Schwarze Industries, Inc., we offered more customer assistance programs than any sweeper manufacturer in the history of the industry, before or since. Starting in 1994, we began the long-term sponsorship of American Sweeper magazine and the website.

In addition, our family pioneered many other firsts for the sweeping industry. For example, we were the first sweeper manufacturer to consistently take used sweepers in trade, to sell direct as well as through a dealer sales and service network, to offer service loaners to customers, or to host a ‘sweepers only’ get-together (what we named the Schwarze Roundup). Under my direction we also became naPSa’s biggest supporting member, at one time signing up and paying for over 100 new naPSa members in just a few months time.

My goal for Victory Sweepers is not just to build the best sweepers in the marketplace. Rather, it is to re-form the special bonds our family once had with those in the sweeping community. When you buy a sweeper from Victory Sweepers, you will have an opportunity to learn first-hand what we mean by our slogan of ‘Winning Together.’

I believe the sweeping industry is poised on the brink of its best days ever, ready to take our rightful place as one of the leading environmental industries in America. The demand for sweeping, in these times of continued business expansion coupled with rising storm water runoff pollution and air quality degradation, is increasing by leaps and bounds. You will find Victory Sweepers at the forefront of developing the technology required as this new chapter in sweeping unfolds over time.

Thanks again for your interest in Victory Sweepers. Please let us know how we might assist you in any facet of your sweeping business. I’ll see you on the lot.

Mark R Schwarze.
Fonder and President
Victory Sweepers Inc.