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Develon’s First Electronically Controlled Crawler Excavator

The Develon DX225LC-7X excavator
The DX225LC-7X is the first electronically controlled crawler excavator introduced by Develon.

The fully electro-hydraulic control system on the 23-tonne excavator enables advanced machine guidance and machine control systems, including 2D grading for accurate earthmoving and grading work.

“The benefit of 2D grading is being able to control your grading capabilities. Also with this particular machine, we have a standard weighing system. So, it’s easier to be able to find out if you are moving material fast enough,” said Jacob Sherman, Product and Dealer Marketing Manager for Develon.

As well, a fine swing function and a cast push link with lifting eye delivers a 5 tonne lifting capacity to help operators complete the job faster.

“With fine swing, if you have something dangling or attached to a chain while you’re moving the boom and arm, when you stop you can absorb some of that energy, so you don’t get a drastic pendulum effect,” Sherman said.

The hydraulic system delivers a maximum flow rate of 211 litres per minute for each of the two main pumps. The conventional tail swing excavator also features a 6.6-metre digging depth and a 36,376-foot-pound maximum digging force with power boost.

An optional dozer blade and standard counterweight design provide strength and stability. Operators can also activate the tiltrotator mode for enhanced precision when using a tiltrotator accessory.

In the cab

Added comfort features include improved, automotive-style heating and cooling with an optional heated and cooled seat, easy-to-use joystick controls, a rear view camera, Smart Touch screen and optional 360-degree around view monitor (AVM) camera system.

“It’s very similar to what you’d expect in an automobile, same type of settings in this particular machine,” Sherman said. “And, of course, there is a lot of glass space for visual safety.”

Efficiency & serviceability 

The 163 hp Tier 4 Final Develon engine does not require a Diesel particulate filter. Several fuel efficiency features are standard, including Smart Power Control (SPC), D-EcoPower system and the Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS).

Fuel filters and the cooling system are all at ground level and easily accessible. For added protection, components are shielded by vandalism-proof latches.

The Develon Fleet Management telematics system comes standard on all -7 Series crawler excavators, making it easy for customers to remotely monitor and maintain their machines.

Develon Fleet Management  is an equipment diagnostic tool that monitors the health, location and productivity of Develon construction equipment from a user-friendly mobile app and website