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Which States Drive the Most Pickup Trucks?

Pickup trucks have surged in popularity thanks to their capability and versatility.

Once perceived as strictly work vehicles, modern day pickup trucks have evolved to become functional family haulers thanks to improvements in comfort and safety. In fact, the top four most popular cars are pickup trucks, proving they appeal to drivers hauling families, heavy loads, and everything in between. Hybrid and electric pickup trucks are now on the market for drivers who want more fuel-efficient workhorses.

Pickup trucks account for 16.5 percent of all vehicles on the road, though they are far more popular in some states than others. Here is a ranking of states by their share of light-duty pickup trucks:

Ranking of States by Shares of Trucks- iSeeCars

Wyoming is the state with the most pickup trucks and has 2.2 more pickup trucks on the road than the average state. Known as “the Cowboy State,” Wyoming is a Western Rocky Mountain state with plenty of unpaved roads, rugged terrain and harsh winters, all of which require off-road and foul-weather capability.

Texas, which leads the nation in pickup truck sales volume, ranks 19th in the nation for the state’s total vehicle share.

The top 10 states with the highest share of pickup trucks are Northern and mountainous states.

New Jersey has the lowest share of pickup trucks at 7.9 percent, which is more than half the national average.

With the exception of Illinois, the 10 states with the lowest shares of pickup trucks are all coastal states.

Methodology: analyzed over 20 million used car sales from 2023. The shares of light-duty pickup trucks within each US state were calculated and used as ranking metrics across states.

Source: iSeeCars