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DEWALT® Unveils Groundbreaking Equipment System: DEWALT POWERSHIFT™

DEWALT has announced the launch of DEWALT POWERSHIFT™, a groundbreaking equipment system to optimize the workflow of concrete jobsites through electrification. Designed to meet the critical needs of concrete professionals – power, runtime, and ergonomics – the electrified line will allow users to transition away from gas-powered equipment, without compromising efficiency and performance.

The system, made up of six concrete tools, streamlines the full concrete application through use of the same DEWALT POWERSHIFT™ 554 WH battery and high-speed charger across all tools. It is backed by DEWALT’s powerhouse portfolio of complimentary tools, accessories, and technology.

“As we kick off DEWALT’s 100th anniversary year, our guiding principle of making pros more productive holds strong with the launch of DEWALT POWERSHIFT™,” said Frank Mannarino, President, Power Tools Group, Stanley Black & Decker. “DEWALT POWERSHIFT™ is launching at a time when the industry is increasingly preparing for electrification, particularly as construction sites respond to statewide legislation aimed at phasing out gas-powered tools. As part of this effort, DEWALT is providing a solution that electrifies the concrete workflow to maximize cost and time savings, while minimizing the environmental impact for the user. These user advantages are paramount to innovating in accordance with our purpose to empower Those Who Make the World.”

The DEWALT POWERSHIFT™ line was launched at the World of Concrete Trade Show in Las Vegas on January 23 with the following products:

Battery & Charger: High Power Density battery with 554WH of capacity weighing just 11.5 lbs. for long runtime and optimal ergonomics. High-rate charger can charge the battery in less than one hour.
Plate Compactor: Provides 3,370ft lbs. of force through its 15.7-in. plate with controls that are mounted on an ergonomically designed folding handle for increased user control and comfort.
Rammer: Features 2,660 ft. lbs. of impact force with antivibration insulators and mounted controls on the two-position handle.
Backpack Vibrator: Lightweight at only 25 lbs. with the DEWALT POWERSHIFT™ battery installed and features a durable roll cage with fully adjustable hi-vis harness.
Powerpack Vibrator: Can be activated remotely through DEWALT Wireless Tool Control™ and carried with an over-body hi-vis harness for easy transport.
Power Screed: Features fully adjustable handles for customizable height and width in addition to ambidextrous controls that can be mounted on either handle.
Core Drill and Stand: Designed with close wall or ceiling clearance. As a part of the DEWALT PERFORM & PROTECT™ line of tools, the drill features anti-rotation technology to prevent over rotation in a bind up situation.

As a crucial component of DEWALT’s total workflow solution, the DEWALT POWERSHIFT™ line delivers fully integrated connectivity with the DEWALT Site Manager app, providing users with data on asset management, tool location, utilization, and safety. In addition, Converge’s AI-based platform ConcreteDNA, powered by data from DEWALT’s wireless concrete sensors, interprets real-time data allowing users to observe compressive strength gain of concrete and to predict when it will reach critical strength.

Taking a Pulse on the Shift to Electrification

To better understand the opportunities and challenges of electrifying the jobsites of the future, DEWALT conducted a survey, “Power Pulse,” which polled construction industry professionals, including decision makers and skilled craftworkers. The survey found that 89% of construction professionals are confident that their construction sites are adequately fitted for the transition to fully electric-powered tools.

Survey data among construction professionals ultimately disproved broad misconceptions around electric-powered tools’ efficiency and runtime. While pros commonly cited power supply (44%) and tool durability (39%) as concerns regarding electric-powered tools, 68% of respondents who switched to these tools on jobsites say it has allowed them to complete projects up to two to three times faster compared to gas-powered tools. Furthermore, 72% of electric-powered tool users say they are either satisfied or very satisfied with the transition to electric-powered tools on their construction site.