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New Products from Wacker Neuson

World Premiere: Reversible Battery-Powered Plate APU3050e

Wacker Neuson is presenting an all-new innovation in the construction equipment field: the first battery-powered reversible vibratory plate with direct drive, which once again significantly expands the potential range of applications for battery-powered plates. The direction of travel is controlled by the tried-and-tested hydraulic adjustment system, the same as in the conventional models. The APU3050e vibratory plate with a working width of 50 centimeters and a centrifugal force of 30 kilonewtons is characterized by its good maneuverability and, thanks to the lowest overall design height of all reversible vibratory plates on the market, is also ideally suited for use in narrow trenches.

Another Wacker Neuson innovation will be making its debut at Bauma: the new EW100 wheeled excavator. It is unique in its class and sets the standard when it comes to simple and intuitive operation but also efficiency and performance. During development of the excavator, the focus was on Construction Site 4.0. Examples include intelligent attachment management with tool recognition and a sophisticated human-machine interface. The machine is also equipped for various assistance systems and interfaces. For Wacker Neuson, the focus is always on customer benefit, as is the case here with the further development and optimization of our EW100 excavator. Thanks to its powerful traction hydraulics and high basic working capacity, the EW100 can also be used to complete tasks that would otherwise require the use of a 14-ton excavator.

Electric Wheel Loader with Cab

The well-known WL20e electric wheel loader has already been in series production since 2015 and is now being presented in its third generation with a powerful lithium-ion battery. In the future, customers will have the option of choosing between three battery variants. Another new feature is a cab that allows the machine to be used all year round – a plus in terms of efficiency and comfort.

Powerful in Demolition Applications: BH40 Gasoline Demolition Breaker

With the BH40 gasoline demolition breaker, Wacker Neuson offers customers a powerful machine with high performance. At the same time, its low weight of 20 kilograms makes it easy to handle. The full-hood vibration damping allows for operation close to the body. The low hand-arm vibration (HAV) and reduced vibration transmission to the entire body of the operator allows more ergonomic and comfortable working. The 1.8 liter fuel tank makes long working intervals possible without refueling. This saves time refueling and makes everyday work more efficient.

ConcreTec: simple, transparent and reproducible consolidation.

The new assistance system for concrete consolidation by Wacker Neuson makes it possible to consolidate precast concrete parts easily, transparently and reproducibly as to quality. The data-based assistance system provides the system operator with objective information on the consolidation process and real time information related to the progress of consolidation. The result: a consolidation result, which does not depend on persons and is thus of consistent quality. The operator can monitor the entire consolidation process using the assistance system, can take corrective action if required and end the consolidation process properly.

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