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Five New Small Excavators Introduced by Sany

Sany has unveiled five new small excavators upgraded for the North American market: the SY60C, SY75C, SY80U, SY95C, and SY135C.

Sany says the five excavators get improved performance, functionality, maneuverability, and operation safety. The company says it also upgraded the overall appearance.

A 20 percent taller cover achieves smoother aerodynamics and brings up the product’s thermal balance by 8 percent, the company says. The new cabin is equipped with intelligent controls, Bluetooth, and multi-functional key panels. The cabin sealing rate is up by 20 percent, according to Sany.

Additional upgrades include equipping two sets of auxiliary lines and one set of quick-change lines as well as a standard rear camera that offers a 15 percent better field of view.

Each new model, to begin hitting the market in 2024, has additional upgrades to highlight its machine size.


At 6 metric tons, the SY60C is designed for excavation, land clearing, and demolition. It delivers 55 net horsepower and reaches a dig depth of 13 feet.

New to the machine is a smart touchscreen and an ePower battery management module. An integrated one-touch start button and knob, an upgraded shovel that adapts to more construction conditions, and intelligent attachment matching has also been added.


The next size up in the new models is the SY75C. Weighing in at 7.3 metric tons, this excavator is powered by a Yanmar 4TNV98C engine that delivers a 58 net horsepower. It has a 14-foot 7-inch dig depth.

Sany says the improved hydraulic performance is a new feature with the end of the auxiliary line being upgraded to a ball diverter. The updated model includes a standard floating shovel function with a new valve spool for smoother compound actions.

Also, the upgraded cabin of the SY75C has moved the foot valve front for more legroom.


A multi-functional touchscreen integrating the radio and AC control and providing more convenient operation to match the switching of 20 types of accessories is included on the 8.8-metric-ton SY80U.

With 74 net horsepower generated by its Yanmar engine, the excavator offers an optional 573-pound counterweight and 1.6-meter short bucket arm to increase stability and versatility.


At 9.2 metric tons, the SY95C offers a dig depth of 14 feet 2 inches and delivers 66 net horsepower.

Options on the new model include an anti-explosive valve and a quick-change line. Also, Sany says the unit includes a standard floating shovel function, and the choices of standard 1.7-meter and 2.1-meter bucket arms to meet varied demands.

In addition, the SY95C’s upgraded driving gear has two options of steel or rubber tracks to meet the requirements of various road conditions, and the 1.5-foot-tall shovel improves bulldozing efficiency.


Topping off the five new models is the 14.8-metric-ton SY135C. Among the company’s larger compact machines, the SY135C has a dig depth of 18 feet 1 inch. It is driven with 103.9 horsepower behind it.

Operator comfort was among the improvements highlighted by Sany including an all-new armrest box design and interior color to give the machine a kind of futuristic vibe.

As for operation, a hoisting function with dynamic and automatic weighing and lifting, including an overload alarm to achieve more precise and safe operation.