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Why Your Construction Business Needs a PTO Chipper

You’re dedicated to your construction business and know how important it is to keep projects flowing smoothly. You do this by being as efficient as possible when it comes to every aspect of your business. Instead of hiring out the inevitable landscaping tasks that come up on a job, take care of trees and branches quickly with your existing tractor. Put your tractor’s PTO to work by matching it with a 9” Crary Bear Cat PTO Chipper. Reduce maintenance, transfer power, and watch your business grow. With a variety of styles to choose from in the 9” PTO category, you’re sure to find a model that fits your business and your needs. Here are five reasons why adding a 9” PTO Chipper to your fleet is a great idea.

1. Get it Where You Need it to Go: Back Up and Connect

Every model is equipped with a standard 3-point hookup and 6-spline PTO shaft. Back up to your unit and go. Quick and easy. Plus, models with a Digital Display Controller (DDC), like the CH9540H, include wiring to connect directly to either your tractor’s battery or an outside battery to get you up and running quickly. Crary Bear Cat PTO Chippers are ready for transport. A well-balanced design means picking up your unit and moving it into position with your tractor’s 3-point hitch is no sweat. These PTO Chippers even come with a factor-welded lifting hook on the body if you need to move your machine with a hook lift. The stand legs fit comfortably on a standard pallet for easy moving with pallet forks.

2. Digital Display Controller: Power at Your Fingertips
Put the power of the PTO machine into your hands with the easy-to-use DDC from Crary Bear Cat. Soft-touch buttons and a rotating screen make operation and maintenance a breeze, no matter what angle you’re working from. The DDC’s color screen quickly shows the operator when the machine is ready to run with an easy-to-see green icon. Run diagnostics, troubleshoot, and get maintenance reminders right from the DDC. No more counting hours between check-ups!

3. Safety Comes Standard

No one likes to lose uptime over preventable injuries on the job. Have peace of mind keeping you and your crew safe with Crary Bear Cat PTO machine built-in safety features. Two large E-stop buttons directly above the hopper and a knee-stop bar running the entire length of the hopper will quickly stop the machine in case of an emergency. Every new PTO unit comes with safety glasses and ear protection to help get you equipped from the moment you hook up to your tractor.

4. World-class chipping power and high-strength blades:
The benefit of a 9-Inch PTO Chipper is that you and your crew are able to chip anything – all the way up to material 9 inches in diameter. This hydraulic model comes equipped with adjustable feed rollers, giving you the option to match the machine with the wood coming in. Chipping blades are reversible and offset, doubling the wear life. The four-sided anvil is also quickly adjustable for optimal efficiency.

5. Easy Maintenance
Spend less time on maintenance and more time working. Your Digital Display Controller will give you reminders when maintenance is needed. Only two bolts to access the rotor housing means you don’t have to waste time fighting with hardware to get to your machine. Plus, the chipping core has easy-access greaseable bearings. And if you ever need them, Crary Bear Cat’s dedicated service team is only a call away.

Adding a Crary Bear Cat 9” PTO Chipper to your lineup ensures you are maximizing the power of your existing tractor – saving you time and money. Learn more about Crary Bear Cat’s entire PTO machine lineup at