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Mecalac Brings New Fleet Management System to North America

Mecalac has released details of its fleet management system, MyMecalac, which is now available in North America. This telematics solution delivers everything from high-level summaries to specific machine details, including maintenance, inspection and damage notifications, to empower fleet managers to boost efficiency and machine uptime.

“Telematics enabled machines increase productivity while maintaining high efficiency and safety,” said Peter Bigwood, general manager for Mecalac North America. “These values are key to Mecalac and integrating a telematics system furthers our commitment to helping customers work smarter.”

Mecalac’s telematics system, developed in partnership with Trackunit, a worldwide leader in telematics solutions, is accessible through a web portal,, and a mobile app, MyMecalac. The system comes standard on all excavators and loaders in North America. The onboard telematics box continuously communicates information to the web portal. Users simply login to the web portal or app to access all machine data in real-time.

MyMecalac provides a complete fleet overview that shows users which machines are in top shape, and which need immediate attention or will require service soon. From there, those using the service can zoom into a specific machine to see everything from fuel consumption and oil pressure to the current engine load percentage and machine hours. This data allows fleet managers to schedule downtime for refueling, maintenance and repairs rather than having these tasks interrupt project timelines and profitability. Additionally, after registering in the web portal, alerts can be set up to notify the user when maintenance is required or when a fault code appears. This technology enables dealer technicians to remotely diagnose machine issues.

The alert feature also acts as a theft prevention tool by notifying the owner if the machine moves from a designated zone or operates outside of designated hours.

“This technology has proven itself as a real game changer for anyone managing a fleet,” Bigwood said. “Whether it’s scheduling fueling more efficiently or coordinating service intervals to maintain production levels, having access to this data remotely provides endless opportunities to improve day-to-day operations.”

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