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Doosan – More than just Excavators and Skidsteers

As Korea’s first modern company with 124 years of history, Doosan has gone through many changes and significant growth over the years. Toward the end of the 1990s, we started to make bolder, innovative moves to completely reshape ourselves at an unprecedented rate, and have achieved remarkable growth. As a result, Doosan has established itself as a world-class infrastructure support business (ISB) provider, with about 40,000 employees in 38 countries.

Doosan—a combined word of “doo (a measuring unit of grains)” and “san (mountain)”— means “little grains of sand that together make a mountain.” The name reflects our belief that a greater achievement can be made when everyone involved unites.

Throughout its 124-year history, Doosan People have lived by their beliefs and philosophy that they can achieve a greater goal when they join forces.

Doosan Fulfills Basic Human Needs

To help create more prosperity for humanity, Doosan has focused on providing what people need the most.

In 1896, founding Chairman Seung-Jik Park opened Korea’s first modern store, the original entity of Doosan, which later earned a reputation as a trendsetter for developing the first modern cosmetic products in Korea.

In the 1950s, Doosan started to diversify its business as a corporate group by setting foot in international trading and establishing Oriental Brewery(later changed to OB Beer). Doosan further expanded its business to construction, food and beverages, machinery, media, cultural services and more in the 1960s.

Afterward, Doosan’s focus was shifted to areas that are more closely related to fundamentally contributing to human lives, such as energy, clean water, roads, infrastructure and buildings.

Doosan Has No Fear of Change

In the year that marked the 100th anniversary of our founding, the company incorporated multiple subsidiaries into the holding company and implemented advanced processes and systems.

Since then, Doosan has carried out a series of M&A deals to successfully transform itself into a global leader in the infrastructure support business sector.

Doosan Expands Its Global Footprint

Doosan competes and thrives both at home and abroad. From large-scale power plants that generate electricity in India to desalination plants that supply clean water to millions of people in the Middle East, to construction machines that build earthworks across China’s vast territory, and energy storage systems and fuel cells—which show exponential growth in demand—Doosan’s advanced technologies help create value for everyone in the world.

Doosan Prepares for the Future

Doosan will stay committed to developing core technologies in the areas of collaborative robots, mobile fuel cells, automated and unmanned construction machines, and more to gain a strong competitive edge in the market.

By providing clean water and light, as well as solutions that can help people build their lives and transform ideas into a reality, the company aims to create a world awash with opportunities so that everyone can fully unleash their potential.

Let’s take a look at the Doosan Group affiliates:

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is a globally recognized company specializing in integrated solutions for casting-forging products as the basic materials for industries, thermal, nuclear, and wind power generation, and desalination and water treatment facilities.

Doosan Infracore

It boasts unrivalled capabilities in the production of construction machinery, engines, attachments, and utility equipment. It is also evolving into a global leader in ISB with world-class competitiveness.

Doosan Bobcat

Doosan Bobcat is a global leader in compact equipment, boasting of various business portfolios including the industry’s best compact construction equipment such as mini loader and mini excavator, portable power, and attachment.

Doosan Engineering & Construction

Since its establishment in 1960, Doosan Engineering & Construction has been building up a wealth of know-how and technologies. The company leads the way in the field of engineering & construction.

Doosan Fuel Cell

Doosan Fuel Cell is the global number one provider of fuel cells with the commercial fuel cell proprietary technology, which was acquired for the first time in the world. We are committed to a cleaner future based on our high-efficiency, reliable and sustainable clean energy technology.

Doosan Solus

Doosan Solus has been consistently gaining ground in the materials sector including copper foil, electronic and biomaterials through global M&A, ambitious expansion, ceaseless R&D efforts and global network expansion as part of its long-term strategy. Our aim is to become a global market leader by continuously acquiring the future-oriented, high-growth portfolio including core materials for electric vehicles.

Doosan Mecatec

With over 50 years of industry experience, Doosan Mecatec is a global top tier and the No. 1 CPE manufacturer in South Korea that produces reactors, pressure vessels, towers/columns, and heat exchangers for the oil & gas and petrochemical plants. The company is expanding its great market position as CPE global leading company with its extraordinary manufacturing capability and excellent track record.

Doosan Robotics

Armed with the world’s most diversified lineup of collaborative robots that boast high-performance torque sensors and the industry-leading collision detection technology, Doosan Robotics aims to become a leading player in the world’s cobot market, which is expected to grow exponentially in the era of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Doosan Mobility Innovation

Doosan has applied self-developed mobile fuel cell technology to commercial drone which is a fast-growing market, and is providing the standardized long endurance drone platform.

Doosan Logistics Solutions

Doosan Logistics Solutions, as a system integrator, provides end-to-end solutions and services for the entire process required to build, renovate warehouses. We combine our capabilities with Doosan affiliates’ technology such as AGFs, robots and drones to realize customers’ requirements.


Mottrol, a pioneer of the Korean hydraulics business, develops and produces hydraulic components for construction equipment and defense systems. Based on its accumulated experience and technology, Mottrol is now expanding its business to become a global comprehensive components manufacturer in the ISB field.


Oricom is Korea’s first full-service advertising agency that offers the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) services—i.e., advertising planning, creative, media, promotion, brand consulting and digital consulting—to help increase clients’ brand value.


Established in 1983, Hancomm, a representative general advertisement agency in Korea, has been leading the development and growth of the advertisement industry along with Oricom. It became a member of the Doosan in 2015.Hancomm’s capability as an advertisement agency has been fully recognized not only in 4 major media but also in large-scale events at home and abroad such as Seoul International Fireworks Festival, opening and closing ceremonies of the Mungyeong Korea 2015(CSIM World Games), etc., and digital sector.

Doosan Magazines

As the leader in the Korean magazine industry, Doosan Magazine launched “Vogue,” the world’s best fashion magazine. It is also publishing other high-class fashion magazines such as “GQ,” “Allure,” and “W.” In addition, the media company is providing premium contents optimized for various digital contents in response to the change of the digital media market.

Doosan Bears

The Doosan Bears, formed in January 1982, the first year of the professional league in Korea, was the country’s first professional baseball team. After winning the first Korea Series that year, the team is delivering an exceptional performance every year.

Doosan Cuvex

As the common infra of the Group, Doosan Cuvex is being operated separately for managerial support and facility management for the maximization of service value and specialization. The company has been operating Ladena Golf Club (27 holes, membership only) in Chuncheon, a lake city, in 1990, making efforts to foster a good sports culture.